Our mission is to promote the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline, and a lifelong love of lacrosse.
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2018 Boys & Girls Practice Schedules March - June        
Field Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Linway Turf 515pm-630pm   515pm-630pm   515pm-630pm 8am-4pm  
Starting March 2nd 7-8 AAA   3-4 AAA (Ambrose) (1st)   10UA1(Campbell) Practices - 20 Feb - 3Mar Practices - 20 Feb - 18 Mar
  14UB1 (Gould)   5-6 A (Buursink) (1st)   7-8UB Stokes    
            Games 3/24  
  630pm-745pm   630pm-745   630pm-745    
  14UA (Zidlicky)   10UA2 (Serafin)   12UA1 (Cadin)    
  10UA1 (Campbell)   12UB1 / 12UA2   14UA / 14UB1    
Springhill #3 Turf   5pm-630pm          
Starting March 6th   12UA2 Cutler (Changes to 12UB1 April3)          
    7-8 UB Ernst          
    3-4 A(McManus) 1st          
    12UB1 (Sherman)          
Cooper MS 5pm-630pm       5pm-630pm    
Starting March 2nd 10UA2 (Serafin)       10UMF1    
  7-8 UB Ernst       10UMF2    
  630pm-745       630pm-745    
  7-8UB Stokes       12ULB (Knapp)    
  5/6 LB Mignatti       14ULB (Troy)    
Langley Forks (Upper) 5pm-630pm 5pm-630pm 5pm-630pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-630pm All Day  
Starting March 30th 12ULB (Knapp) 5/6 Mignatti 2nd 5/6LB Mignatti   12UA1 (Moves to Linway Turf 12 March) 9:30-11:00 5/6 A (Buursink)  
  14ULB (Troy) 3/4 B (Williamson) - 1st 3-4 A(McManus) (2nd)   12UB1 (Sherman) 11-12:30 (5/6 UB) Bloomquist  
  630pm-8pm 630pm-8pm 630pm-8pm 6pm-730pm 630pm-745    
        10UMF1/2 5/6 UB (Bloomquist)    
        10UA2 (Serafin) 12UA2 (Cutler)    
Langley Forks (Lower) 5pm-630pm 5pm-630pm 5pm-630pm 5pm-630pm 5pm-630pm All Day  
Starting March 30th     1/2 Girls 12UB1 (Sherman) 14UB1 (Gould) 8:00 - 9:30  
  12UA1 (Cadin)     7-8UB Stokes 8U (Rhyan) 9:30 - 11:00 - 3/4 B (Williamson)  
  630pm-730pm 630pm-7:30pm 630pm-7:30pm 630pm-7:30pm 630pm-745    
          14UA (Zidlicky)    
Jones Branch #1 Turf         8pm-11pm    
Starting March 2nd              
          7-8 AAA    
Lewinsville Park #4   5pm-630pm   5pm-630pm      
Starting April 3rd   12UA2(Cutler)   Reserved      
    630pm-8pm   630pm-8pm      
McLean HS Stadium Turf 6pm-730pm 6pm-730pm 6pm-730pm 6pm-730pm 6pm-730pm 1pm-9pm 8am-8pm
  N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A    
            Sat 4/7-5/19  
            Boys 6U - Clinic 1030am-12pm Girls 1/2 LADP
  730pm-845pm 730pm-845pm 730pm-845pm 730pm-845pm 730pm-845pm Boys 8U - Clinic 1030am-12pm Sun 4/8-5/20
  N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Girls 6U Clinic - 12pm-130pm  
            Boys 8UB Games Girls 3/4-7/8 Games
            4/7-5/19 - 1230pm-230pm 12pm-8pm
            Girls 1/2 Practices  
            4/7-5/19 - 230pm-4pm  
McLean HS Bermuda Grass           2pm-7pm  
Starting April 7th           3/4 AAA (Ambrose) 2:00-3:30 (1st)  
            3/4 AAA (Ambrose) 3:30-5 (2nd)  
            3/4 A (McManus) 2:00-3:30 )1st  
            3/4 A (McManus) 3:30-5:00 (2nd)