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Tentative February Practices

(subject to change based on weather, fields, and coaches)


Spring Registration Live Oct 24th – Feb 1st

Register Early!!


Linway Turf Or McLean HS Turf



Saturday Feb 23rd

12pm-2pm – Boys 10UAAA Practice @ McLean HS

2pm-330pm – Boys 14UA Practice @ McLean HS

2pm-330pm – Boys 14UB2 (Cutler) Practice @ McLean HS

330pm-5pm –Boys 12UB1 Cutler & 12ULB Maull Practices @ McLean HS

4pm-530pm – Boys 10UA Practice @ McLean HS


9am-11am – Boys 14UB1 (Gould) & Boys 14ULB Practices @ Linway

11am-1230pm - Girls 3/4A Practice @ Linway (New Day/Time)

1pm-3pm- Boys 12UA & 14UA Practices @ Linway

3pm-430pm – Boys 8U Practices @ Linway


Sunday Feb 24th – Marymount Coaches Clinic 9am-2pm

2pm-330pm– Girls 3/4B Practices @ Linway

330pm-5pm – Girls 7/8UB Practice @ Linway


2pm-330pm – Girls 5/6A Practice @ McLean HS

330pm-5pm – Girls 5/6B Practice @ McLean HS

330pm-5pm - Girls 7/8A Practice @ McLean HS

5pm-630pm – Girls 7/8LB Practices @ McLean HS